Teampel Solution for Project Management
Plan, execute and control through Teampel's instant messaging and visualized progress charts.
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Use Teampel's projects to make teamwork easy.
Waterfall model

Tasks and subtasks created in Teampel projects can be sorted by deadline, helping you set priorities straight at anytime.

Gantt chart

Teampel provides a visualized project view mode that allows team members to see the start time, deadline and detailed information of each task at a glance.

Task Leader

Select task leader and participants, letting them know their responsibilities.

Cross-division coordination
Effective communication is key.
Instant messaging

Teampel is not only a cross-division communication platform connecting members from different role, positions and departments, but can also create guest accounts for external parties.

Meetings on the go

With a mobile phone, tablet or computer, you can start a video conference anytime, anywhere. (A valid Zoom plan is required)

File sharing

Through file sharing features, all project members are able to transfer documents and attachments at an instant.

Use Teampel's reporting feature to make informed decisions.
Up-to-date progress

Know the latest progress of each project and make timely adjustments.

Project dashboard

Empower supervisors at all levels and project members to view the statuses of each project. Single out delays and respond quickly.

Personal dashboard

View all relevant tasks in a visualized fashion as well as reminders of incoming and expiring tasks.

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