Still using emails and free apps for messaging and sending files? Or MS Project and Excel for project management?
You deserve better.
Try Teampel now
Chat apps are free and everywhere, but your company deserves a communication platform that is built for work.

An IM system for business

Chatting with Teampel is unlike any other free apps.

You can create a 1-on-1 conversation or a chat group for sharing ideas, screenshots with annotations, files/folders, and trace everything back to the beginning.

Video conferencing (Powered by Zoom)

Join anywhere, on any device

Through integration with Zoom, Teampel is able to deliver high-quality video conferencing from desktop and mobile.

Various tools at your disposal

Also available are useful collaboration tools such as screen sharing, co-annotating, recording and scheduling.

* A Zoom plan is required

Control your push notifications

Tired of irrelevant push messages that keep popping up on the screen? Take control now by creating a whitelist, or choose to see only the messages with @mentions on you.

Screen clipping with annotation tools

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words, and the same goes for a well-annotated screenshot. Select a part of the window that you want, and then draw lines and add text to it. Simple.

Comprehensive search

Search in all conversations, projects, groups and files that are stored on the server. To refine results, you may also set a range and criteria in Advanced Search.

Interested? It’s easy to try Teampel for free. Let’s go!

*You can contact us to get a free online trial without having to install anything.

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