Teampel Solution for Corporate Infosecurity
Channels, unified.
Records, centralized.
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Business-only platform
Use Intranet and permissions to your advantage.
Keep your data safe

Messages and files transmitted through free chat apps are untraceable. Let Teampel be your business-only channel and protect data from breaches.

Permission management

Actual participation is not needed for managers to see what's going on in projects. You can even secure files with permissions so that only the selected few can open them.

Intranet supported

Teampel can be deployed in an intranet environment, physically separating your vital data from the internet. Total security.

Communcation monitoring
Monitor communications with external parties
Leave no chat untracked

Formalize your communications with external parties by creating guest accounts for contractors, key customers, etc. for better impression and manageability.

VPN available

Even if Teampel is deployed on an intranet, it can be accessed via a VPN connection to enhance security.

Search all history and find what you need quickly.
Keep all data searchable

Files and images sent via free chat apps have an expiration date, but those on Teampel don't. Even your first "hello world" message will be kept searchable until the end of time (given proper server maintenance).

Full history search

Search all chats, projects, groups, etc. related to you through the history data and find what you need in a blink of an eye.

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