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Client management
Keep customer profiles up-to-date
Key account management

Create customer profiles for key customers and set up sales-oriented projects/tasks for better management.

Customer feedback

Create tasks and note down important information about the customer. You are also able to add attachments for future reference.

Stay in touch
Get orders. Deliver. Repeat.
Sales process control

Understand at which stage a sales task is in a sales cycle and decide what to do with it.

Instant feedback

Real-time messaging and file sharing make vital information clear to all members, keeping them all on the same page anytime, anywhere.

Team building
Share performance. Stimulate growth.
Deal is sealed!

Let everyone on the team know the deal is done and their hard work paid off, boosting morale and team spirit.

Performance ranking

Publish the performance ranking of each division on a regular basis to recognize the best and motivate the rest.

Share success

Use Broadcast to announce the latest milestone success across the company and share the joy.

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