The DIY Private Cloud
is Here

Teampel takes your team communication to new heights

  • Take back the control over your data. Own and operate your cloud.
  • Send messages, share files and manage projects to coordinate works.
  • Create your division tree, set permissions and monitor data as an admin.
  • Available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

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Main features

Instant Messaging

Manage Projects

Off the Cloud


Mobile Friendly

Keep your data within, not without

Cloud services are used by millions but yet few know a tweak of terms or cyberattacks can easily let someone access your data without permission.
Unlike others, Teampel stays away from your data.

Considering we also exchange important files and documents, I want my company to control those data flows. It is very helpful to our information security this way.

Steve Yang, CEO. Cvilux Group
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Private to Business, Productive to Teams

Your Own Cloud

Online services store your business data in their servers for convenience. They can be
private messages, contracts, health records or payroll files, and you have little or
no control over them. Start DIY now and let Teampel take back the rein!

Project Mangement

Send real-time messages, share files and search history on desktop
or mobile device. Teampel also comes with project management capabilities that
can let you assign tasks to people, track progress and push works forward.

Expert Tip

Use chat apps only to interact with people outside your company. For inside, you need a private cloud to keep internal data under total control.

Move Forward with Teampel.

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