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(Multiple Work Locations + High Volume Users) x Teampel = One Giant Leap Forward in Business Communication

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With 3,500 Employees Worldwide and Business Operations across APAC, Europe and USA, CviLux Group Leverages on Teampel to Connect Teams and Boost Collective Efficiency by One Communication Platform.

CviLux started out as a manufacturer of electronical connectors. However, as their business and the number of workers grew, they realized the teams also needed “connector software”. From electronic precision connector/components to own-brand electronic products, skin care products and cloud system integration businesses, CviLux’s continuous expansion has not only brought about multiple work locations and a significant rise in number of employees, but also repeatedly challenged the company’s standards on work efficiency.

Same as every other Teampel customer, CviLux relied on common chat apps and emails for internal communication. Despite the fact that all teams shared the same goals, certain people at different locations were sometimes out of touch. The management was also conscious of the security risks of using free apps for work. After all, sensitive documents and information should be always kept within reach.

Although LINE and WeChat could give us instant messaging, my company’s data will be stored in their servers. Considering we also exchange important files and documents, I want my company to control those data flows. It is very helpful to our information security this way.

Steve Yang

CEO, CviLux

Compared to the expensive solutions that require rocket scientists to deploy, Teampel’s Import Active Directory feature makes it quick and effortless to go through introduction, trial run and official launch. “We tested [Teampel] for perhaps a week or more before boss gave the nod,” said James, MIS manager at CviLux, “it took less than 3 days to import AD data and an extra night to convert files, and it was done. Impressive speed”.

Within a short period of time, Teampel’s friendly designs received positive comments from the users, including the assistant manager of General Administration Department, Tracy Hsu: “We often use the broadcast feature to announce messages from our information system. For instance, in times of maintenance or service interruption, we will use it to send notifications to every Teampel user”. In the past, it wasn’t a pleasant experience notifying users. Emails are not “instant” enough and managing over 10 chat rooms in free apps are a nightmare, not to mention they occasionally had to send notifications to certain users. Teampel now helps her to broadcast important messages in specific groups, or send announcement to every Teampel user immediately, marking a stark contrast to the old way.

After Teampel is up, our user community is more close-knit than ever. Sending messages to folks offline works like posting messages on his board, and we are able to see all conversation records when we want to track certain issues. These are also vital to us.

James Hsu

MIS Manager, CviLux

From the company’s point of view, managing and controlling data is an ideal finally realized after a long time searching. Volumes of internal files and messages that circulated through unsafe free apps used to be impossible to regulate, but now, with the advent of Teampel, all user accounts, permissions and division tree can be managed directly, giving CviLux autonomy and transparency over their own data.

In the age of mobile devices, CviLux is not unaware of the needs arising from people who do not usually stay at offices, and Teampel’s mobile apps are the answer. “Teampel apps are simply handy. We can download them on Google Play or App Store, and installation and setup are very easy as well,” said James, “after a few steps, users are able to receive instant messages anywhere. This is convenience”.

Electronic manufacturing is all about efficiency, and since we have a lot of sales personnel and offices overseas, sharing information in real-time is very beneficial for us. On top of that, Teampel is also available across phones, tablets and computers; for me, I can send messages or receive files on my phone, and this is hugely efficiency from a managerial standpoint.

Steve Yang

CEO, CviLux

CviLux’s motto is “Vigor, Innovation, Efficiency,” and Teampel has become one of the very forces that drives the company towards its goals. To make organization better, information transparent and the big picture clear to everyone, we should never overlook the fundamental element of solid teamwork—communication, the key aspect that Teampel addresses. It is also revealed that CviLux would bring more employees, distributors and suppliers into their Teampel network, so as to make a unified platform for the entire business and generate insightful reports based on Big Data analysis.

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