Customer Success Story - TONNET

A smart, mobile and IoT-enabled collaboration platform made possibe by Teampel


Est. 1983

Industry: Communication Services

“With private cloud framework, better project management workflow process, transparency, data exchange capabilities and powerful APIs all in one place, Teampel is a clear winner after 10 years of searching and 1 year of evaluation.”

Chen, Yung-Fuh Software R&D Consultant

Learn how TONNET built a collaboration platform by interlinking IoT, BPM and automation via Teampel's API.


Fast and transparent communication became imperative as business grew

From selling telecom and network equipment to surveillance systems, from a distributor to a manufacturer capable of designing and researching its own products, and from domestic to international markets, TONNET's growth as a business is sure and steady, and so does the demand for better communcation and information sharing.

Before the destined encounter with Teampel, they had spent 10 years looking for a collaboration software with IM (instant messaging) and project management, and even attempted to develop one themselves due to mounting desperation. But all efforts were futile.

Teampel at Work

Achieving Smart and Automated Project Management with API

Now, Teampel's more than an instant messaging and project management tool. Things that used to be independent of each other--BPM and mobile attendance system, are now on the same page. TONNET also adds automation, VoIP phone and reminders for overdue project to the picture, making internal collaboration better than ever.

  • Connecting physical phones to the virtual world
    Utilizing years of experience in IP PBX / VoIP phone system, TONNET connected desktop phones to Teampel accounts so that folks can be reached no matter they are home or on the move.
  • Attendance system made mobile
    As business grows, people at TONNET have higher chance of going on business travels, and by connecting BPM to Teampel, they are able to let employees clock in and out while on the run, sparing them the troubles of manual tracking.
  • A robot who cares about being on schedule
    TONNET goes as far as putting a robot in project management. Every morning at 9, the robot will generate and send a list of overdue projects to the staff involved. Unlike error-prone humans, it will never eat, it will never sleep, and it will never stop.

What's more, it also acts like a chatbot which can help users retrieve accounts, passwords, phone numbers and customer information. Way to go, TONNET!


Ever Better, Ever Smarter

A year following the introduction of Teampel, TONNET has created more than 500 projects and reconciled information asymmetry among project members. Even now, it's still a work in progress towards a platform that ties everyting in the company together, as the team continues to explore the infinite possibilities that Teampel has to offer.

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