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Server-Client architecture

Teampel has two types of installers, the Server and the Client. Simply put, Server should be installed on a machine intended to be the server, e.g. your corporate server farm, a cloud service provider like AWS or Google, or even a laptop. Client, meanwhile, should be installed on computers and mobile devices.

Manage permissions

Use web browser to access Teampel's management system. The design is so simple that you should not need professional help to manage projects, members, permissions and stats.

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APIs available

APIs for Web, VoIP, MQTT, Zoom and 3rd party integration services are available for developers, making it possible to tailor Teampel to your specific needs.

Cross-platform support

Teampel Server can be run on Windows and Linux systems, while Teampel Client has desktop and mobile apps across Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, giving you a consistent user experience on different devices.

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Do you want to integrate Teampel's instant messaging or project management into your existing systems? Not sure where to begin? Ask now and get answers.

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