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How can I backup the data for SQL Server and Teampel Server (Windows)?

1. Stop Teampel Server services for SQL Server (double-click Teampel Server Shutdown on desktop);

2. Backup the data for SQLServer and Teampel Server

  • Backup SQL Server data for Teampel Server
    1. Backup database: using SQL Server built-in tools;
    2. In "Enterprise Manager", right-click "Databases > db_teampel" and select "Tasks" > "Back Up…" in the pop-up menus;
    3. In "Back Up…" window, you can specify the storage path for the backup file in "Target" option, and the other options remain the same;
    4. Click "OK" to complete the backup.
  • Backup file data: copy data folder [installation path]/bin/data
  • Backup profile: copy GaaihoSvrSetting.xml file [installation path]/bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml

(How to find [installation path]: On desktop, right click on "Teampel Server Startup" >  "Properties" > "Open file location")

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