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How can I migrate my Templel SQL (Windows) data?

 (Note: data migration only available for Teampel Server of the same version)




  • Backup data:
    Backup the data for SQL Server database (for details, please refer to: How can I backup the data for SQL Server and Teampel Server (Windows)?)
  • Restore database:
    1. In the new server, create a new database of the same name;
    2. Right-click the newly created database and select "Tasks > Restore > Database";
    3. In the pop-up "Restore Database" window, select "Source Device" in "Restore Source" option, and click "...";
    4. Open "Specify backup" dialog box, click "Add" and find the backup file, and click "OK";
    5. In "Restore database" window, select "Backup group for restore" option and check the added backup database;
    6. In "Options page" on the left of "Restore database" window, switch to "Options" and check "Overwrite existing database";
    7. Click "OK" to complete restoring the database.




  1. Backup file data: copy [installation path]/bin/data




  • Backup profile (such as copying AD configuration): copy [installation path]/bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml
    1. If the account and password of the local Teampel database are different from that of the official server, you need to modify the account and password of Teampel;
    2. If you do not want to retain the licnese info, you need to clear the NetKey value (note: if two servers share the same NetKey and connect to the Internet at the same time, compatibility issues may occur after clearing).
      [Modification]: Open with Notepad to modify the content:


License file (teampel.license.ztl):


  1. Migrate license file: copy [installation location] /bin/ teampel.license.ztl (only for Pro Subscription users).


(How to find [installation path]: On desktop, right click on "Teampel Server Startup" >  "Properties" > "Open file location")

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