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How can I fix the data of SQLite database?

Due to unexpected power outages, etc., problems like unable to load malformed program may occur to SQLite. The solution is to export the data from the database to SQL and then import it to an empty database (to learn how to execute SQLite syntax, please refer to: How can I execute SQLite syntax in command prompt?). Execute the command as (example path: C:\Program Files (x86)\sqlite3):

  1. Backup the damaged teampel.db as teampel_malformed.db;
  2. Export SQL data (execute cmd in command prompt)
    >cd C:\Program Files (x86)\sqlite3
    >sqlite3.exe teampel_malformed.db
    >.output db_ teampel_backup.sql
  3. Import SQL data to a new database file
    > sqlite3.exe teampel_new.db
    >pragma synchronous=0
    >pragma cache_size=20000
    >.read db_ teampel_backup.sql