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Should I buy a Server or subscribe a Cloud?

If you are not sure whether your organization should "buy a physical server (including self-hosted virtual server)" or "subscribe a cloud hosting service", I hope this article will be helpful to you!

When you have completed the basic functional verification and are ready to formally consider deploying Teampel into your organization, you will be faced with the options of deploying on a physical or cloud server?

During testing Teampel, you may merely installed Teampel in your personal laptop, and running quite smoothly. However, if you want to officially introduce Teampel into your organization, you may want to take it to the next level. We, Zeon, will ensure that the software can provide stable and high-quality services, and one your end, you will need to consider the management and maintenance of hardware equipment and network.

The following self-assessment can help you understand the deployment method that is suitable for your organization:

Who is suitable for "physical server (including self-hosted virtual server)"?

  • Already own or has sufficient budget to purchase physical server machine
  • Has IT personnel who can troubleshoot and manage hardware and network related issues
  • Need to interact with local resources and connect to internal system services
  • Need to continue to serve in the intranet environment even when the Internet is down
  • Your data is extremely confidential and must be established only locally

Who is suitable for subscribing third-party "cloud hosting services"?

  • Don’t want to spend too much initial infrastructure cost (purchase physical server, UPS system, etc.)
  • Insufficient IT personnel and the ability to manage hardware and network related issues
  • Need 24/7 customer service support
  • Computing power can be upgraded on demand (CPU specifications, RAM, traffic, hard disk capacity, etc.)
  • Provide professional consulting and other network-related value-added services (corporate Email, domain application, SSL certification, etc.)

Hopefully, through the above self-assessment, you got a basic idea of what hosting plan is suitable for your organization (self-hosting or subscription). Once the plan is set, the next step is to confirm the equipment specifications. The specifications are mainly depending on the number of members using Teampel. Please refer to: Installation environment and requirements recommendations.


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