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How to enable embedded SIP VoIP service under port forwarding environment?

If your Teampel Server is installed in a LAN environment and users are connecting to the Teampel Server via Port Forwarding, there might be a lost of audio when making a voice call; or if your Teampel Server is installed on AWS or GCP these type of cloud servers and you are experiencing a muted voice call with the embedded SIP VoIP service, please see below solution:

Please first make sure TCP/UDP 35004,  UDP 35100~40000 ports are opened on your router under port forwarding (for details on port settings: Which ports of my firewall need to be opened?).

Solution 1:

  1. Shutdown Teamepl Server;
  2. Modify the SIPSvr/NAT to your WAN IP address (ex. 125.233.xx.x) under /bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml, save and restart Teampel server service:

If Solution 1 did not solve the problem, delete the NAT setting in Solution 1 and try Solution 2.

Solution 2 (For users using 3rd party SIP server):

  1. Router: enable additional port  UDP 5060;
  2. Shutdown Teampel Server;
  3. Modify the SIPSvr/Port from 35004 to 5060 under /bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml, and restart Teampel server service:

  4. If still no audio, turn on or off the SIP ALG settings in your router and reboot the router (from experiences, many routers are faulty when dealing with SIP ALG).
    Please note that the way to enable and disable SIP ALG may be different on various devices. Please refer to your router provider for details.

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