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Reboot cause Teampel services to stop

Teampel Server will not automatically restart after rebooting the server. There are two ways to start your Teampel Server:

  1. We recommend using applications to start/stop services because it has better compatibility with system.
    • Start services:Select Start > All apps > Teampel > Teampel Server Startup.
    • Stop services:Select Start > All apps > Teampel > Teampel Server Shutdown.
  2. Alternatively, using commands and scripts can also start/stop services, but might not work on certain systems (e.g. Windows Server 2008 Datacenter):
    • Installation service:Run the script of installation service "[install path]/bin/service_install.bat".
    • Start servicesRun the script of service startup "[install path]/bin/service_start.bat".
    • Stop servicesRun the script of service shutdown "[install path]/bin/service_stop.bat".
    • Uninstall service:Run the script of service un-installation "[install path]/bin/service_uninstall.bat".


For Linux, please use the following commands:

  • # ./ config (configure service environment)
  • # ./ start (launch Teampel services)
  • # ./ stop (stop all Teampel services)


* If you would like Teampel Server to start automatically when the server is restarted, please see:

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