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What should I do if I lose the file list after installing the update package for Teampel Server (Linux)?

  1. Make sure that the upgrade process is correct. If you delete the Teampel Server installation directory and then extract the Teampel Server update package, you will lose the existing profile and the ./bin/data folder.

    Upgrade process for Teampel Server Linux:
    1. In the command window, type: ./ stop // Stop Teampel Server;
    2. Extract the Teampel Server update package to the original Teampel Server installation directory;
    3. In the command window, type: ./ start // Start Teampel Server.
  2. Make sure if ./bin/data still exists. If not, try the following solutions;
  3. Reset database
    Step 1 In the command window, enter ./ stop // Stop Teampel Server
    Step 2 In the command window, enter rm -rf ./bin/*.xml // delete the profile in the bin directory
    Step 3 In the command window, enter ./ start // Start Teampel Server
    Step 4 Visit to reset the database connection

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