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Migration and Update of Teampel Server for Linux

 (Note: data migration only available for the same version of Teampel Server)




  1. Backup the data for the official server:
    • Backup database db_teampel: #mysqldump -uroot -p --lock-all-tables --routines db_teampel >/root/Documents/backup/db_teampel_backup.sql
    • Backup the DATA directory (Teampel Server installation directory /bin/data/): #cp -a /root/Documents/teampel/bin/data /root/Documents/backup/
    • Backup profile (Teampel Server installation directory /bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml): #cp /root/Documents/teampel/bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml /root/Documents/backup/
  2. Prepare a new operating system: Linux CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 system;
  3. Install MySQL 5.6 or 5.7 database;
  4. Prepare the Teampel Server installation package:
    • Teampel Server installation package of the same version as the official server, for example, Teampel Server_Linux_X86_3.0.154_2017-07-13_09-40-00.tar.gz;Teampel Server installation package of the same version as the official server, for example: Teampel Server_Linux_X86_3.0.154_2017-07-13_09-40-00.tar.gz;
    • Teampel Server update package, for example, Teampel Server_Linux_X86_3.4.461_2018-12-20_17-46-11.tar.gz    The TeampelServer installation package to be upgraded, for example, Teampel Server_Linux_X86_3.4.461_2018-12-20_17-46-11.tar.gz


Deploy Teampel Server and migrate data


1. Install and deployment Teampel Server in the test server:

  • In the new system, install the old version of Teampel Server (the installation package mentioned in Preparation 4.a) to finish the initial configuration (select "Create Account");
    Note: refer to the server manual on the official website > "Install Deploy (Windows)" > "Installation and Deployment (Linux Environment)".
  • Stop Teampel Server:# ./ stop.


2. Replace backup data and files for the official version


  1. Replace files in Teampel Server/bin:
    • Copy Teampel Server profile of the official version (installation directory /bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml), and replace the same name file in the directory;
      Note: the copied official server profile may need to be modified: (1) If the Teampel account and password of the local database are different from that of the official server, you need to modify Teampel account and password; (2) Clear the NetKey value.
    • Replace DATA folder;
  2. In MySQL, import the backup database: #mysql -uroot -p --database db_teampel < /root/Documents/backup/db_teampel_backup.sql
  3. Start Teampel Server: #./ start



3. Import test license file (not necessary)

Open the background management system in the browser, sign in to admin, and click "Import license" on Home.


Upgrade Teampel Server


  1. In the new system, install Teampel Server of the new version (the installation package mentioned in Preparation 4.b): (1) Stop Teampel Server; (2) Decompress the update package to the directory of Teampel;
  2. After startup, sign in to Teampel Management System to check whether the configuation info, such as AD sync policy, is complete;
  3. Add manually (ignored for Teampel 3 and above): if you upgrade from Teampel 3.2 and below to Teampel 3.3 and above, you need to manually add the new parameters in AD sync rule.
    "AD domain name": for example,
    "Target division": which Teampel division that AD user is to be synchronized.

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