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How can I make Tempel Server start automatically after booting(MySQL/SQL Server)?


  1. Service mode, (automatic) startup and process (manual) startup are exclusive and can't work at the same time;
  2. Stop Teampel Server before using the service mode to start;
  3. If the database is on the same machine as Teampel Server, get the name of the database service first.
    For example,
    Mysql database > MYSQL56 or MYSQL57;
    SQLServer database > MSSQLSERVER

    * The service name can be found in the service window on Windows.
  4. To start the service mode, you can run service_start.bat\service_stop.bat, or start/stop the service in the service window on Windows.


MySQL version (Windows) Teampel Server configuration, using service mode to start:



  1. Stop TeampelServer (Teampel Server Shutdown)cid:image014.jpg@01D4D43D.05145860
  2. Open the installation path Teampel Server\bin\ and find service_install.bat; (The following steps may need to be performed by an administrator.)
  3. Modify service_install.bat: (if Mysql database is installed on a different machine from Teampel Server, skip this step.)
    Find ::sc config GaaihoTPService depend= mysql56
    1. Delete ::;
    2. Replace the service name after = with the actual service name. For example, change "mysql56" to "mysql57".
  4. Double-click to start service_install.bat to install the TP service;
  5. Double-click to start service_start.bat to start Teampel service;

Now, the service startup has completed. After the machine restarts, Teampel Server will start up automatically.


Restore manual startup:


  1. Double-click service_stop.bat to stop Teampel Server;
  2. Double-click service_uninstall.bat to uninstall the service;
  3. Start with the launch shortcut at desktop (Teampel Server Startup) cid:image016.jpg@01D4D43D.05145860

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