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How can I link Teampel to VoIP service?

Teampel supports SIP-based voice call feature. Enter VoIP server information in "VoIP call" and distribute SIP account/password among your team members.Team members can call each other after signing in with their SIP accounts on Teampel Client.



VoIP phone settings


Recommended third-party VoIP server: AsteriskminiSIPServer


Enable voice call service


  1. Select "Service" > "Voice service";
  2. Enable "Voice service";
  3. Default voice service is the "Teampel voice service";
  4. If you would like to connect to a third-party VoIP server, please choose "3rd party SIP server" and fill in "SIP server (required field)", "SIP proxy" and "STUN" server. Please follow this format IP:Port (most default SIP port is 5060).
  5. Click "Save"。VoIP call enabled.
    Tip: this change will take effect only after restarting Teampel server service.


Create SIP account for member (only for 3rd-party SIP server)


  1. Select "Organization" > "Division tree";
  2. Click "Edit" to the right of the member on the member list;
  3. Enter "SIP account" into the pop-up "Edit member" dialog box;
  4. Click "Save".


SIP password


Contact your SIP service provider for SIP password. Pass the SIP password to your team members via email, Teampel message, etc.

If you have any trouble with audio connections, please refer to: How to enable embedded SIP VoIP service under port forwarding environment?

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