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Teampel slimming: how can I reduce the space occupied by Teampel?

On server:


1. Set up automatic data cleanup in Teampel Management System

2. Regularly clear the expired logs in svr-xxx (such as logs a week ago);

3. If available, you can also save the documents to another large-capacity hard drive or file server:

    Modify the document save path steps in Teampel Server:

  1. Open the file in Teampel Server installation directory/bin/GaaihoSvrSetting.xml;
  2. Modify the parameter value of datapath in file Svr section.
    • For example, datapath="E:\Teampel File". Note: a folder named "Teampel File" should be created first in E Drive.
    • If you want to save the document file to another server, the FileSvr Datapath can be modified to "\\\Teampel Data".
  3. Restart Teampel Server.

On client:

Delete the local folder (Don’t worry, after deleting these folders, these files are still saved on the Server and you just have to redownload it if needed. This way you can save some space on your PC):


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