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How can I allow the external network (WAN) users to connect to Teampel Server in the intranet (LAN)

If you setup your Teampel Server in a LAN environment and wish users in WAN environment (for instance, from home or using mobile data) can login to their Teampel client app, one of the options is to configure Port Forwarding on your router. Here is an example of how to configure Port Forwarding on a router.

*Please note that the interface for different routers may differ!
 For other ways of connecting to LAN from WAN, please see: How can the wide area network (WAN) users access Teampel Server in the local area network (LAN)?


External network users access intranet Teampel Server through external network IP

  1. Find out the LAN IP and WAN IP of Teampel Server in the local area network.
    1. Steps to find out the intranet IP on Windows:
      • Click "win+R" hot keys to open "Run" window and enter "cmd" in the command line;
      • Enter "IPconfig" in the command line to find out the local IP (IPv4 address). For example:
        IPv4 address……………….…….:
        Subnet mask……………….…...:
        Default gateway…………..…..:
    2. How to find out the extranet IP:
      Open a browser and enter "my ip" to see the external IP. For example, the extranet IP is: 124.193.x.x.
  2. Set the port mapping (forwarding) function of the local router
    1. Sign in to Router interface;
    2. " Go to "Forwarding Rules - Virtual Server" page and click "New condition";
    3. Settings:
      Port: 35000-35004, 35100-40000 (for details on ports: Which ports of my firewall need to be opened?)
      IP address: (intranet IP)
      Agreements: All
      Status: Active
    4. After saving the settings, you can access the intranet Teampel Server web management page http://124.193.x.x:35002 through the external network IP (if you do not want the web management page be accessed from WAN, exclude TCP & UDP 35002 and 35003).

If there's audio lost on your embedded SIP VoIP service, please refer to: How to enable embedded SIP VoIP service under port forwarding environment?

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