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How can I install Teampel Server Windows (SQL Server) version?

Please refer to Teampel Server Help: "Installation and Configuration" > "Install/deploy (Windows environment)" > "Install and configure SQLServer 2008 R2".


If you have any questions during deployment, please contact us.


SQLServer 2008 R2 Installation and Setup

Installation steps

  1. Download SQLServer 2008 R2.
  2. Run the downloaded file to enter "SQL Server Installation Center".
  3. In the Installation Center, select "Installation" on the left, and select "New installation or add features to an existing installation" on the right.
  4. The program will scan the computer to determine if there's any compatibility issue.If issues are detected, you must repair and run the installer again to proceed.
  5. Product Key:
  6. License Terms:
  7. Select "SQL Server Feature Installation".
  8. Install the option "Developer," which is selected by default.
  9. The program will scan the computer again to determine if there's any compatibility issue.
  10. Install Default instance. The name will be:MSSQLSERVER.
  11. Disk Space Requirement
  12. Configure server by default settings
  13. To configure database engine, select "Mixed Mode" and enter password.Then click "Add Current User" to add a SQL Server administrator.
  14. Specify the administrator for Analysis Services and data directories.
  15. Configure Reporting Services
  16. You can begin to install once the configuration above is done.First, confirm the installation options.
  17. Once confirmed, click "Install".The installation will take some time, please wait with patience ...
  18. If you see this screen, it means SQL Server 2008 R2 has been installed successfully.

Create New SQL Server Database

  1. Activate "Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio".
  2. Right-click "Database" and select "New Database..." to create a new database:db_teampel.
  3. Select Security > Login > New Login... to create a new login name:teampel.
  4. General configuration
  5. User Mapping
  6. Click "OK" to complete setting the permissions for login names.

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