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How can I digitize my personal projects and task status (Personal task stats)?

Personal task stats: display personal project and task information to help you manage and monitor your work

  1. Select "Project" > "Project list" > "Dashboard" > "Person task stats".


Custom project stats: display statistics for the selected projects

  1. Select "Project" > "Project list" > "Dashboard", in the menu, select "Custom project stats";
  2. In the pop-up "Dashboard" dialog box, select the projects to be calculated and select the charts as needed:
    • Select "Generate" > "Select data", and select the related projects from the project list to the left. Display projects with start time and deadline only since all charts are related to the project time, and projects without time cannot be calculated;
    • Select "History" tab to show the dashboard pages generated locally; double-click to open to view it.
  3. Click "OK";
  4. The browser will automatically open the generated custom project dashboard:
    • We recommend Chrome, Firefox or IE 7 and above as your web browser.


Sample personal task stats (personal dashboard):

See detailed tasks descriptions by clicking on each task.


Sample custom project stats (custom dashboard):

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