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How can I add project member in a current project?

Only project leader and administrator can add new member to the project.


On PC:

Add project member:

  1. Click the left arrow in the upper right corner to expand the panel;
  2. Click "Add" in the bar on top of the member panel;
  3. In the pop-up Add dialog box, select the members to add. Deselect "Allow viewing old messages" if you don't wish to let new members view past messages;
  4. If you need to add permissions for new members, please select "Custom member permissions" and set their permissions for task, document and note;
  5. Click "OK".



Add project member:

Tap "..." icon in the upper right corner of the project to expand the hidden options > "Project member" > "Manage members" in the upper right corner > Select members > "OK" > "Allow/Don't allow" new members to view old messages.

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