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How can I search for history (chat, document, or task) with keywords?

Only vaguely remember a couple of keywords but forgot where they have appeared? You can quickly search for the information you're looking for in any of the personal conversations or conversations, documents, and tasks in groups/projects, active or closed.


Search chat history

On PC:

  1. Click "Chat History" in the upper left corner of chat window.
  2. Enter what to search in the box in the upper right corner of the pop-up History window.
  3. Select search options in the drop-down menu of the pop-up search box.Or you can select "Advanced search ..." to set up more search options.

Search results will be displayed in a new tab named "Search". To view more information on the result, please click "View Context" to the right of it. As shown below:


  • Directly “Search” in the “Message” tab;

  • Currently searching chat history in projects, groups, and personal conversations on mobile phones is supported:
  1. Enter a project, group, or personal conversation;
  2. Tap "..." icon in the upper right corner > "Project/Group info" (Go to Personal info in personal chat)
  3. Enter "Search chat history" and enter keywords.

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