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How can I use Teampel screen capture?



Teampel's built-in "Screen capture" feature allows you to use the hotkeys to instantly capture screen images and save or send them to the conversation without installing or opening 3rd party screenshot software.


Screen Capture


Teampel can do more than capturing the screen. After dragging a box, a toolbar and the screenshot size information will appear, so you can add blocks, circles, arrows, and type to remark the screenshot. All the comment features can be adjusted in color, size and thickness. The features on the right allow you to undo (if you have edited), copy, save as, and capture entire screen. When you are done, click the "V" button to comfirm the captured screen into the input box to send; click "Copy" to copy the captured image so that you can paste it anywhere; click "Save as" will save the captured image as an image file; or click "x" to cancel.

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