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Where can I download the latest Tempel software?
You can download the latest Teampel Server and Teampel Client software on Download Teampel. In addition, the administrator can download the latest Teampel Client software on "Home" of the management ...
How do I upgrade Teampel Server myself (full guide to all versions)?
Teampel (TP) is usually revised every season. Users can usually enjoy the latest version of Teampel through upgrade. The following provides a Teampel upgrade guide for IT staff of organizations and en...
Will updating Teampel Server affect the use of the Client on computers and mobile devices?
After updating Teampel Server, it will not affect signing to the old Client. However, it is recommended that after the server is successfully updated, each Teampel client should also be upgraded to en...
How can I view the difference features between Teampel versions?
Please go to "Release note" on Teampel official website, the latest features and improvements as well as the update records of historical versions can be found here!
Can the Client side automatically upgrade when Teampel is upgraded?
Yes. The administrator can upload the Client update package in "Upgrade" of the Teampel Management System. When signing in to the client, it automatically detects whether there is an update package an...

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