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How can I search for history (chat, document, or task) with keywords?
Only vaguely remember a couple of keywords but forgot where they have appeared? You can quickly search for the information you're looking for in any of the personal conversations or conversations, doc...
What is the difference between "Chat history" and "Find" in Chat?
1. Chat history: the search range is broad and in details, and you can search for all history messages, files, tasks, etc. In addition, there are advanced search features. (For more information, pl...
Why can't I send or receive personal files or upload files?
Don't worry. You may not have the permissions to "Send and receive personal files" or "Upload files". Please contact your Teampel administrator to add the permission for you.
How can I share my location information?
APP: In any conversation group, you can share your location in the conversation to let members know where you are. In the lower right corner, "+" > "Location" > "Send"
How can I sign in to my SIP account to enable voice call?
If your organization has voice call (SIP) enabled, "Voice call" option will appear in the project as well as in the personal conversation. If you are not sure whether your organization has voice call...
How can I avoid the flooding updates in project?
Can't stand the flooding updates of your own or other members? Go to "Contents" in the upper left corner of the window > "Message" > Click "Hide updates in project chat" or "Show only messages with @m...
I don't want to receive all the push notifications.
Can't stand the mobile/desktop endless push notifications? Try "Do not disturb" feature and get yourself a quiet time! Once "Do not disturb" enabled, only messages with @mentions on you received will ...
How to create custom emojis?
How to create custom emojis? You can save your favorite emojis, or self-made emojis to Teampel to express your unique feelings. 1. Click "Emoji" on tool area to open emoticon panel; 2. Click "Add" ...
What is the maximum size limit for poll images?
The maximum size of the poll image is 2048 x 2048, and a warning will appear if the limit is exceeded.
"This feature requires floating windows to function. Please enable it in system settings"
Description: When using voice call on an Android device, you might receive the message “This feature requires floating windows to function. Please enable it in system settings” when clicking the but...

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