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What are public and private clouds?
Public clouds and private clouds are different ways of deploying cloud computing. What is a public cloud? Public clouds are the most common way of deploying cloud computing. The cloud resources (lik...
What are Teampel Server and Teampel Client?
Teampel Server: Teampel host installation and information storage location. In general, only IT administrators will access to the server side. Teampel Client: If general users wants to sign in to Tea...
Does Teampel support multiple devices to connect at the same time?
Yes. Teampel supports PCs and mobile devices simultaneous connections. However, the same type of device is not supported at the same time. For example, Teampel Client for Windows and Teampel Client fo...
Is Teampel free?
As the name suggests, Teampel Free is completely free and does not require a credit card. Start your Teampel journey now!
How do I upgrade to Teampel Enterprise?
First, contact our sales team to purchase a license file. Second, sign in to Teampel's management system and find the "Import license file" button at the bottom of the main page. Third, click the butt...
How to add more members to my team on Teampel?
Teampel’s licensing offers several levels which have different user caps. If you would like to add members that exceed your license, please contact us to get a new license file.
Is Teampel safe?
Teampel’s data transmission is secured with SSL/TLS encryption and end-to-end communications security. Since we envision Teampel as a DIY solution, we do not operate any server-based service; in other...
Does Teampel have a web app?
We don’t have a web-based app for now, but it’s in our plans.
Are there restrictions on user number and file transfer?
Teampel Free has the 10-user and 10-project cap, while Teampel Enterprise has a user limit dictated by the license you purchase. As for file transferr, each file or folder cannot exceed 1 GB in size,...
My company has a team of 80 people and buying 100-user license seems wasteful. How do I do?
We understand our licensing matrix may not satisfy every customer. For this, we also provide flexible licensing that can help you worry less about budget. Contact us to learn more!
Should I buy a Server or subscribe a Cloud?
If you are not sure whether your organization should "buy a physical server (including self-hosted virtual server)" or "subscribe a cloud hosting service", I hope this article will be helpful to you! ...