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SQL Server
How can I backup the data for SQL Server and Teampel Server (Windows)?
Stop Teampel Server services for SQL Server (double-click Teampel Server Shutdown on desktop); Backup the data for SQLServer and Teampel Server • Backup SQL Server data for Teampel Server 1. Backup...
How can I migrate my Templel SQL (Windows) data?
(Note: data migration only available for Teampel Server of the same version) Database: 1. Backup data: Backup the data for SQL Server database (for details, please refer to: How can I backup the da...
How can I make Tempel Server start automatically after booting(MySQL/SQL Server)?
Overview: 1. Service mode, (automatic) startup and process (manual) startup are exclusive and can't work at the same time; 2. Stop Teampel Server before using the service mode to start; 3. If the d...

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